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The Secret Success in Hospitality Industry – 15 techniques that you keep you on Top

09 September 2020


The hospitality industry rewards passionate and creative people. If you want to pursue your career in the hospitality industry, then your success counts on more than determination - Coastal Elango Institute of Hotel Management. Here are 15 techniques to master for success in hospitality management:

1. Guest satisfaction: Keeping the guests happy and satisfied is the bread and butter of any hotel. As a hotel management student, you have to learn the skills to deal with guests including politeness, care, and attention to details


  1. Be open to internships: It is through internships that you get the opportunity to get a hands-on experience.
  2. Participation in culinary events: Participating in culinary events/competition helps you gain real-life experiences and people skills.
  3. Building good rapport with teachers/mentors: Your college years are the best time to learn as much as you can. Get close with your mentors to learn the real skills from them.When you start working (after getting placed):
  4. Remember guest names: Guests feel truly welcomed and appreciated when you call them by their names
  5. Body language matters: Correct body language cues such as eye contact and smile are important for a positive interaction with the guests.


  1. Gratitude serves best: Expressing gratitude to guests by thanking them make them feel appreciated and valued.
  2. Participation in culinary events: Participating in culinary events/competition helps you gain real-life experiences and people skills.Smile when on the telephone: All successful hotel managers have a common trait, they smile when talking to guests over the phone.
  3. Strong greetings: There’s no better way to make guests feel welcomed than to greet them with lines such as, “Hello, how was your day?”
  4. Pet service: Guests appreciate it when their pets are taken care of during their stay in the hotel.
  5. Offer surprises to regular guests occasionally: Regular guests love when they are offered free upgrades to suite-style rooms.


  1. Recreational games for kids: Often, kids get bored during their stay with their parents at the hotel. Successful hotel managers include recreational games and activities for kids to keep them entertained.
  2. Record guests preferences: Recording guests preferences help in tailoring services such as favourite food items, room and amenity choices.
  3. Celebrate special occasions: Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries of guests.
  4. Keep elevator floor clean: Cleanliness in elevator floors is an important concern. Make sure you train the staff to clean them occasionally.

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