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24 June 2023

Unlock Your Potential Beyond Classroom with Experiential Learning at Coastal Elango Institute of Hotel Management's Ooty Campus

Welcome to the exciting news of Coastal Elango Institute of Hotel Management's new campus in the beautiful city of Ooty! Our institute stands out as one of the best catering science colleges in India for its vision and mission that centers on providing interdisciplinary and international career-focused education, applied research, and scholarship. With the opening of the new campus, our institute is now closer to its goal of becoming a leader in the field of hospitality education for providing the best catering technology courses in tamilnadu.

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29 September 2021

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality – A Big Opportunity for World

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As we move into a worldwide economy, the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry has an enormous influence in how individuals invest their energy with respect to recreation and business. Similarly, as with different areas of the friendliness business, the movement business is amazingly joined with the various areas. Business is huge and continually changing with innovation.

11 August 2021

Career Opportunities After Completing Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a developing industry that offers many invigorating careers. Hospitality Industry is perhaps the biggest business in the movement business and offers numerous education, internship and certificate openings for experts seeking after professionals pursuing a career in hotels. Most of people wants to explore the different course from Hotel Management because from hotel management we can learn many of skill’s like – Teamwork, Multi-tasking, Flexibility, Time Management, Communication & many more. So, in this blog we share our points for career opportunities that await you after you complete your hotel management course:

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12 May 2021

Top Hospitality & Hotel Trends in 2021

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Hotel management and hotel operations have many challenges, such as striking a balance between guest-centricity and operational excellence, between technological updates and the art of internal communication. In order for hotels to meet the expectations of guests, they must adopt new technologies to personalize the guest experience, while also ramping up security efforts and streamlining internal communication.

03 February 2021

Best Hotel Management College in Tamil Nadu

In recent couple of years, Indian Tourism & Hospitality industry has encountered proceeded with development and extending broadening to turn into the quickest developing monetary areas in India. The Tourism & Hospitality industry has become a flourishing worldwide industry with the ability to shape agricultural nations. Presently, the Tourism & Hospitality industry has become the fifth-biggest industry in the worldwide economy. Its advantages and difficulties definitely saw by the public authority's impact on the financial, humanism social, natural, and instructive assets of countries.


02 December 2020

Craft Certificate Course in Food and Beverage Services – Explaining all about Roles & services

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Coastal Elango Institute of Hotel Management is a unique hotel management and catering institute with facilities to impart hotel management courses, holding affiliation with prestigious Universities in Tamilnadu, India and abroad, providing On the Job training / Internship in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, China and Thailand. Obtaining a Hotel management and catering Education through the Coastal Elango Institute of Hotel Management will help and lift the vocation of the understudies.

09 September 2020

The Secret Success in Hospitality Industry – 15 techniques that you keep you on Top

The hospitality industry rewards passionate and creative people. If you want to pursue your career in the hospitality industry, then your success counts on more than determination - Coastal Elango Institute of Hotel Management. Here are 15 techniques to master for success in hospitality management:


The perfect skills needs which drive you to be a successful Hotel manager

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What does it take to be a successful hotel manager? It goes without saying that hotel managers play a key role in maintaining the long-term profitability and success of a hotel. Regardless of the operational size of the hotel, hotel managers need to work with different departments to provide unparalleled guest satisfaction.

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